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Unlike many companies within the aftercare industry, we've set off on the right foot in taking an objective stand against being unethical. Here below is some more information on how we aim to be a moral and sustainability-focused corporation. 

Safely Produced Products

Our products are handled safely to ensure you can trust our products. All of our products are made in house by our 15 team members. Within the area of production, all members will handle items with a industry-safe mask, and will ensure use of gloves whenever in direct contact with the product's ingredients. 

Inspected as if it was our own


We value every order that we receive

Before each order is posted off, we utilise a project management software to keep a track of where orders are up to, and who has inspected the order. 

Fully recyclable

Within this day and age of innovation, there's no excuse for non recyclable packaging to be used. Luckily, starting our company up during a time of environnemental awareness, we can guarantee that our packaging is fully recyclable. 


Palm Oil

Palm Oil definitely remains a controversial ingredient. Normally used to soften food or aftercare products, it has serious repercussions on the environment

The main issue with the hugely abundant oil is that to make it,destruction of forests occur at a huge rate, which can also seriously impact wildlife. 

27 Million Tonnes of Palm oil is produced each year, in Indonesia alone.

Over 50,000 Orangutans have died as a result of palm oil production. 

The EU is the third largest consumer of palm oil, with most of it coming from products such as Butter and Nutella. 

Our product directly involves no Palm Oil, yet contains the same smooth and soft properties that you'd like to expect. 

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) Free Product

Something that many people aren't aware about is SLS, the first man-made detergent that was first made for washing clothes during the 1970s and has now come about in nearly all of our shampoos and soaps. 

However, this certainly isn't a good thing. The chemical severely dries up skin and hair, which results in natural moisturisers and oils to leach out at an excessive rate to try and create a balance. Further down the line, this can cause issues such as greasy skin or fading of a natural tan. 

The fundamental crystal-based soap base that we use is SLS-Free, to ensure that none of our products have these impacts on you. 

If you continue to have any feedback on how we could be even more environmentally friendly, please use our enquiries tab. 

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