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Please see below all the information you'll need to make a great and environmentally friendly purchase today. 

Our Pricing

Regarding the prices we charge, please understand that money is used to pay back initial investors within the business, before we use the rest of the money to reinvest in new ideas and ingredients. 

1 Bar (Approx. 115-125 grams) - £4.50

2 Bars - £9

3 Bars - £12.50

If you'd like to possibly purchase more within separate packagings as possible gifts, please do let us know in advance. 

Making a purchase!

The young enterprise marketplace is where we hold all of our online/credit card transactions. Please click here to open up a new window and purchase from there.

Otherwise, if you are a possible friend, member of family or acquaintance to a member of the team, and you'd like to pay and get it delivered from that member of our team, please use the form down below.

Thank you!

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